What We Do:

Saint-Amand Landscape Design, LLC specializes in fastidious eye to material selection and construction detail.

We are available to consult globally, with many years experience in the New York City and surrounding regions.

Our work ranges from renovating outdoor spaces to a more narrow focus on designing custom details such as bespoke planters, treillage, or other sculptural details in an array of organic or fabricated materials.

In conjunction with design services, we offer artistic renderings and narrative images. We offer these visual representations to serve various ends, including means of communication between designers, clients, and contractors, as well as a method of archiving memorable experiences. The impact of this is to spur ongoing imagination and enjoyment.


Our Mission:

StA LLC offers a refreshing alternative to formulaic design solutions.

The core of our ethos is a respect for that which is local and unique. We respond to each client in a manner that is exclusive to how that individual or family lives. No two properties are addressed with a matching response.

Our terrain is the margin of the wild, where we help distill an integrated vision for artistic, cultural, and ecological systems.

The goal is to enable elevated clarity, beauty, and enjoyment.


Referrals & CLient TESTIMONIALS:

Various AD100 Designers as recognized by Architectural Digest have recommended Saint-Amand Landscape Design, LLC to their clients.

We have a mature landscape, and have consulted with numerous landscape architects in order to try and solve some nettlesome problems. We didn’t want to start completely from scratch, but we wanted to try to salvage some of what we had and make it all more coherent. Elisabeth came up with creative solutions that enabled us to turn our landscape smorgasbord into a beautiful property. Due to financial constraints, we weren’t able to implement all of her ideas, but she gamely helped us select the most important components that enabled us to achieve our primary goals. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome and would most highly recommend this very talented designer to anyone!
— Client, Westchester County, New York
Our house had an impractical, steep driveway and an entry path that was ugly and stylistically wrong. Elisabeth Saint-Amand solved these problems and created a practical and elegant approach to our house. She re-routed the driveway to create a safe, broad sweep and redesigned the entry approach with a wall, entry path, and fragrant herbs. We admire her work daily, as we come and go.
— Client, Long Island Sound, New York