StA LLC interprets landscape design through the lens of all aspects of life; influences noted below include a select sampling.


The Gardens of Russell Page

It's impossible to deny Russell Page as a preeminent influence on garden design. 

The video below by Lee C. Womack, as featured on NOWNESS, describes how Page achieved his ultimate goal at Villa Silvio Pellico:

"A garden is not just a garden. A garden is a way of achieving harmony." 


Choreography of space and time is key to garden design.

The video below, titled Лазер (Laser) narrates a dance punctured with darkness, light, and sound. It is a compelling story of movement and interval that can be interpreted across media.

The film is directed by Tarik Abdel-Gawad and danced by Maria Kochetkova.

The inventive atmospheres of leila menchari

Leila Menchari is revered for her mastery of transportive illusion for Hermès. She excelled at translating scale and motif into atmospheric scenes.

In a similar fashion, landscapes at any scale benefit from an adept distillation of concept into abbreviated elements. 

The photo below features an image of Vitrine Faubourg Saint-Honor, 1998, Courtesy of Hermès

Vitrine Faubourg Saint-Honor, 1998, Courtesy of Hermès.jpg


Design with the land begins with a reverence for the natural environment.

The StA LLC collage below features lichen studies by Dr. Werner Klinkhardt along with a ‘Plate from A Catalogue of the Lepidopterous Insects in the Museum of the Hon. East-India Company’. The composition articulates components of the vital energetic exchange that defines the earth.

Landscape Design succeeds when it bolsters the robust nature of this dynamic system.

StA_LLC-Detritius Collage-flat4.jpg


Each one of us interprets landscapes through our own individual lens.

Filmmaker Tyler Greco grapples with such lens in the transportive video below, titled ‘KOIO “Starstruck”’, which incorporates poetic language by author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Just like this film, gardens have different meanings depending on how you experience them.