PROPOSED tactical urbanism initiative:

Tactical Urbanism is a term attributed to urban planner Mike Lydon. Its application occurs often when individuals and the private sector engage a space for community interaction.

In this case, StA LLC proposes a short-term strategy for inviting the public into an urban lot that will in time be re-developed. The proposal celebrates a juxtaposition of the gritty and theatrical with a set of moves involving the following:

  • planting in selected pavement cracks and fissures; reflective beads embedded in alternate (new) cracks and fissures

  • new pedestrian crosswalk connecting the site to a central urban artery and sidewalk

  • added trees with seasonal color appeal along the highest-traffic pedestrian edge

  • an elevated flat surface as foil to the rugged and sloped existing pavement and which invites visitors to share their talents with an audience

  • new graffiti and lighting

  • punctuated vertical planes as partitions and illuminated sculptures