The following serves as a statement of intent as to how Saint-Amand Landscape Design, LLC embeds its work into the urgent matters of social and ecological betterment today:

Saint-Amand Landscape Design, LLC harnesses nature through conscientious action in order to extol the wild.

The lens is one that former professor and author John Felstiner forges, “Swamped by immense events – markets, movies, Internet, the world’s alarms – we could do with poetry’s enlivened touch for nature’s common surprises. If poems touch upon our humanness, can they quicken awareness and bolster respect for this ravaged resilient earth we are born in?” (Felstiner, 2009*)

The analogy between landscape design and poetry is two-fold: 1) a meticulous process of working and 2) cathartic engagement with the human psyche. Design with the land employs nature as Felstiner posits the same for poetry, “Thoreau’s hope for “a poet who could impress the winds and streams into his service. [To this end], he would need ingrained measured speech with natural verse.” (Felstiner, 2009*)

Further, the opportunity for the landscape designer today extends yet beyond measured practice. As journal LA+, (Interdisciplinary Journal of Landscape Architecture), states, “Wildness has long occupied a romantic and somewhat dormant position in the discussion of landscape theory and practice. However, current initiatives aiming to “rewild” rural, urban, and suburban environments attest to its renewed significance.” (

Saint-Amand Landscape Design, LLC aims to contribute to the greater good by means of conscientious action. This process of working is a platform for bolstering respect for the resilient earth. It is an ongoing act of gratitude for the environments we share at the limits of that which is cultivated.

“The world is full
of magic things
patiently waiting
for our senses to
grow sharper.”
- W.B. Yeats
— (* Felstiner, John. "Can Poetry Save the Earth? A Field Guide to Nature Poems". Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 2009)